Résidence de l'Ile Well established in its community

The Résidence de l'Île, well established in its community

Résidence de l'Ile Well established in its communityFor the Katasa Group, it all started with the Résidence de l’Île in the 1980s when they transformed the old church on St-Rédempteur Boulevard in Gatineau into a residence for autonomous and semi-autonomous seniors.

The residence’s Director of Operations, Shawn Scott-Brazeau, points out that the entire interior of the church has been redesigned. We can still distinguish the former presence of the church by the facade and the bell tower that has been preserved. “Most of the residents have experienced several events in this old church, such as baptisms and weddings. They have some beautiful memories,” he says. The wager was thus brilliantly taken up, to which was added, at the turn of the present century, phase 1 of the Château de l’Île.

Everything is set up in order to offer a magnificent range of social and sports activities tailored to the residents of the establishment. A recreation consultant carefully plans a schedule adapted to their clientele, such as physical and recreational activities as well as BBQ dinners and outings.


“We have a good participation rate for the activities,” says Scott-Brazeau. The card club and crafts are two very popular activities. The evenings with entertainment are also very popular, as are the shuttle trips to Omega Park, Gatineau Park, and apple picking for example.” The shuttle is also available for shopping.

Interior amenities also promote social gatherings such as the dining room, lounge with fireplace, billiard room, multi-purpose recreation room, library, chapel, Internet café, convenience store, hair and nail salon, pharmacy, and gymnasium.

“The large community room in the basement allows our seniors to meet for coffee. It is very popular! There is a lounge on each floor where people knit and chat. Rooftop terraces offer stunning views of Old Hull and Ottawa. Outside there are swings, benches, and a Petanque court. Everything is very safe,” says the Operations Manager.

The Résidence de l’Île is also distinguished by nursing services 7 days a week and orderly 24 hours a day. The rooms are cleaned every week. In times of COVID-19, services have been modified and most activities are not being held. “Our friendly employees do everything possible to ensure the safety of our residents and are attentive to their needs. It is our priority,” says Scott-Brazeau.


For 10 years now, Marie-Claire Cayen has lived at the Résidence de l’Île. She is one of the many residents who grew up in this area of Old Hull. “I was born in St-Rédempteur, I grew up in this community and stayed and worked in this area. It’s my home! My decision to settle at the Résidence de l’Île was a natural one and it was my first choice. I’m at home!”, says Mrs. Cayen.

And she does not regret her choice! “I like to socialize with people and exchange with them. I know several people in the area who now live at the Résidence de l’Île and I have been fortunate to make new friendships. I also participate in a few activities, including Bingo, which I particularly like. I also did some trips with the residence, notably in the Laurentians. These are very beautiful moments. I have adapted very well to my new residence.”

Marie-Claire Cayen taught for 39 years just a few steps away from the Résidence de l’Île, at St-Rédempteur elementary school. “When I was young, I wanted to be a teacher. I loved children and I wanted to contribute to their development,” explains Mrs. Cayen, who did her nine years of elementary school at École Carrière, which later became École St-Rédempteur, which today houses the head office of the Portages-de-l’Outaouais School Services Centre. She completed her studies at the Normale School, which is now home to Collège Saint-Joseph in Hull.

To her great delight, she sometimes comes across former students. “Some of them worked at the Résidence de l’Île,” she says. During a recent visit to the hospital, I met another. They are happy to see me again and it is a shared pleasure.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she admits that days seem longer and there are fewer activities. “We must listen to the instructions and one day the pandemic will be behind us,” concludes Mrs. Cayen who says that she loves her life at the Résidence de l’Île.

About Katasa

Sam Chowieri is the president of the Katasa Group, which he founded in the 1980s. His three daughters have been part of the management group of the family business for about ten years. Katherine is responsible for planning, marketing, and finance, Tanya is in charge of new acquisitions, new projects, and commissioning of new buildings and renovations, and Samantha manages retirement residences and all real estate properties. In particular, the Katasa Group manages the following seniors’ residences: Résidence de l’Île, Village Riviera, District, Manoir Pierrefonds, Riverain, and Marquis de Tracy.